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The Resources are available in CD ROM format and are essentially books published electronically in order to be most useful in today's teaching environment. Rather than much photocopying, and hand modifications, these resources appear as they would in a book on screen and are available for printing and modifying or customising as appropriate. In this format they are extremely portable and do not degrade in quality.

Each CD ROM contains topics closely linked to the current National Curriculum and Foundation Stage

CD ROM 1 covers :-  
1. Minibeasts
2. The Seaside
3. Food and Shopping
4. Homes and Families
5. Colour
CD ROM 2 covers :-
1. Weather and Water 
2. Things That Grow
3. Houses and Castles
4. All About Me 
5. The Woods



Each topic is divided into 3 levels, which broadly cover the early levels of the development of communication:-
1. Emerging communication (coloured yellow)
2. Developing communication (coloured blue)
3. Expanding communication ( coloured pink)

Each developmental level contains:-

  --> a suggested group structure
--> sample individual objectives
--> game instructions
--> building instructions
--> full colour templates for making the relevant games


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