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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is the FLIC Resource CD all about?
FLIC exists as a curriculum resource for teachers. It is aimed at primary aged children who need support in developing their communication skills. It comprises a series of topic-based teaching plans and objectives for the busy class teacher or teaching assistant to use in running communication groups within the mainstream or special school setting. Guidance is given on setting up groups and allocating children to groups at the appropriate level of language development.

How do I use the CD Resources?
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How do I use the CD Resources?

Each CD provides instructions on:
1. How to set up the groups; advice on how frequently groups should take place; size of groups according to ability.
2. All resources needed in order to run a group are downloadable in full colour from the CDs and will then be ready to use. Laminating resources is optional, but we highly recommend this.
Evaluation charts are available on the CD for you to track the progress of individual children and evaluate whether they have achieved their objectives at the end of each course of groups.


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